All to often we find ourselves chasing all the wrong things, while upsetting over not being able to catch the right ones.

And why is that..?

Do we need to re-think the concept of time and somehow find a way to fit more hours into one day – would that give us time enough to catch the right things or would it just make us spend even more time chasing all the wrong things? Are we spending all our precious time focusing on catching these wrong things cause we’re just going with the crowd, thinking that they must know where to find the “goal” we’re so desperately trying to find and hereby doubting our own ability to know what’s right for ourselves?

How often do we take a timeout and sit down in the nature that surrounds us all allowing us to breathe fresh air and simply exist and just feel deep inside what or intuition is telling us?

How often do we take a brake from running with the crowd towards an unknown destination, hoping it will lead us to find happiness at the end of the rainbow, and ask is this really where I wanna go and the path i think is the best for me?

How often do we ask ourselves what it is we need, what we would like in our lives and then make this the goal we’re aiming for and focusing on to be at the end of our own rainbow, regardless of what everyone around us might do or think?

I would like to encourage you to take a timeout, just sit, feel, breathe, listen, look and observe the world around you and listen to what your intuition is telling you when you sit still long enough to be able to hear it – I bet you’d be surprised of what you may find just by doing nothing but being present.

Life is not about the destination, cause in the end we all leave this place wearing nothing but our soul and that’s for certain, but how we spend time up until that moment where the journey ends is completely in our own hands. So you can decide to either start on an empty sheet painting you’re own picture exactly how you want it to be right this moment or you can make the decision to let someone else decide what you should paint and what colors to use – the choice is yours.

The key to what you’re looking for is right under your feet, you’ve had it all along – just stop running and you’ll see.

Now go make this journey one to remember!